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  • Весёлые стихи для запоминания английских слов.

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  • Игры на уроке.

Friends - Ross and Rachel Take Emma to the Playgroundetters that are pronounced the same as another phrase, letter or group of letters.

In this worksheet you will find 5 exercises: 1) previewing: sudents predict what is going to happen by writing a tick next to their choice; 2) a listening ex. in which students listen and tick the expressions they hear; 3) fill in the gaps in the script while listening and watching the scene; 4) find in the text a word that means...; and 5) Speaking. The scene was taken from episode 7 of the 10th season. You can find it on youtube at

I hope you enjoy using it with your students!

 The past simple tense in usually the second tense students learn so they will need a lot of practice. It can be difficult to think of multiple interesting exercises for one tense or grammar point but by browsing through the 451 Past Simple worksheets on this page, you are bound to find something your students will enjoy. When you first introduce the past tense, students will likely start applying the idea of forming past tense verbs by adding –ed to irregular verbs. In order to prevent students from practicing incorrect material, you can structure your lessons around specific verbs. This way, students can practice –ed verbs for several lessons before being introduced ...

During the last holidays I ____________ (happen) to be in a poetic mood and ___________ (write) a collection of poems.

When the holidays were over, I _________ (come) back to London and _________ (take) my collection of poems to a literary critic, an old friend of mine, and _________ (ask) him what he ___________ (think) of them.
He ________ (read) them all and then looking very grave he said, “Your poems _____________ (be) widely read long after Shakespeare, and Eliot, and Milton are forgotten.”

I was very proud to hear such a high opinion of my work, though I admit I __________ (think) it was a little exaggerated. Then he added, “But I am afraid, my friend, your poems ___________ (not, be) read until Shakespeare, and Eliot, and Milton, and all the others ________________ (forget).”

a two year-old could do it!


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